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Going on a hot air balloon ride is an exciting journey that you’ll never forget. It gives you a unique perspective of the world and it can be one of the most freeing feelings gliding through the air. Here are America’s Unknown Destinations, we’re in the business of making memories and giving people an experience they’ll never forget. When you’re a passenger with us, we ensure the proper safety measures are taken and we let you know what to expect. After all, it isn’t everyday you get to go up in a hot air balloon!



If you’re searching for a new adventure, then look no further than a hot air balloon tour. It’s a fantastic mix of excitement and calmness that is unmatched by other forms of recreation. In fact, it’s down right exhilarating! The scenery is utterly breathtaking and you’ll capture these memorable moments in every picture you snap. A journey through the sky allows you to toss your cares to the side and focus on the present landscape and all of the magical wonders it holds.



Safety is essential when going on a hot air balloon ride and we take it very seriously. We’ve been in business for over 30 years and are proud of our perfect safety record. We’re fully insured and take all of the proper precautions to ensure the weather will cooperate with our hot air balloon tours. We stay in communication with airport flight services to get minute-to-minute weather updates before we launch into that beautiful blue sky.



When it comes to hot air balloons, timing is crucial to making the most of your journey. Our rides occur at sunrise and just before sunset so you get those amazing views that look stunning in pictures. We ask that you call before your journey to check the weather, and if these conditions are not optimal for flight, we’ll work together to find the next convenient time in our schedules. Also, if you have to cancel, please do so 72 hours in advance.

We are A 32 year company that is fully insured and has a perfect safety record

Our engagement package is $1000.00

Includes a private flight for two, rose for fiancé and champagne toast at the end of flight. As you fly over and look below you will see a banner rolled out that says your fiancé’s name and the question of a lifetime: “Will you marry me?”

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If you’re ready to schedule your hot air balloon ride, then simply call 330-673-4180. We’ll answer questions and address any concerns that you have thoroughly. We’re proud to offer such a unique service to those that live in or are visiting Kent Ohio, and we look forward to another thirty years. Start your journey in the sky today by making a call America’s Unknown Destinations.

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