We’ve been providing those that visit or live in the area with the unforgettable experience of balloon rides. The view is magnificent and the landscape is mesmerizing to see from the sky. It’s exciting, calming, and romantic all wrapped into one! Here is some information to help you get started on your next great journey.

Events and Prices (Packages)

There are so many memorable events that can be enhanced by a hot air balloon ride. Let’s take a look at those times in life and the hot air balloon rides prices.

  • The engagement package: Includes a private flight for two, rose for fiancé and champagne toast at the end of flight. As you fly over and look below you will see a banner rolled out that says your fiancé’s name and the question of a lifetime: “Will you marry me?” $1000Banners retained by Unknown Destinations
  • Standard flights: Whether you want to take a journey on your own, or you want to bring a friend, you can enjoy a standard flight for $265 per person.
  • Private flights: If you’re looking for a hot air balloon ride for two for a wedding, anniversary, or just because, we offer private flights for $950.
  • Gift certificates: If you would like to provide a gift certificate for the special people in your life, the standard price is $265 per person, and it must be paid in full on the purchase date.


With over thirty-years of experience in hot air balloon flights for the public, we know the importance of safety. We’re fully insured and proud of our perfect safety record. We’re blessed to have access to the unique views that are eye-catching and take your breath away, and we love sharing that with our community. If you’ve never experienced balloon rides, you’ll be impressed with the lasting memories, the fantastic images, and the way you can leave your daily stresses on the ground. Call today if you’re ready to learn more or you want to schedule a hot air balloon ride.